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How much should i pay for a domain name & business email address?

My biggest pet hate is seeing new businesses get ripped off. There are people out there that prey on newbies and thier lack of knowledge. I decided to do this post after a new client of mine told me that he paid $160 for a domain name for 2 years and $120 for a business email address. This is absolutely extortionate!!!!!

So why did he pay that much? Well after he created an ABN, a company contacted him and told him that they were THE provider of domain names, business email accounts and hosting in Australia. Basically, they falsely mislead him into thinking that they were the only provider out there.

So here's the deal. Anyone that COLD CALLS you, be it via email, phone call or letter, is probably out to rip you off. You should always investigate pricing for yourself before agreeing to anything. Often they will tell you that this offer is only avalible if you sign up straight away. Another huge red flag.

Watch my short video to find out how much you should really be paying for domain name registration and business email accounts.

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