Some of our lovely clients

Hills & West - Luxury leather goods brand

White background ecommerce photography

Mia Fratino - Luxury knitwear brand

Ghosted mannequin white background ecommerce photography

Chikhi - Designer baby and childrens wear brand

Flatlay white background ecommerce photography


Ivy Muse - Designer Homewares

White background ecommerce photography

Escargot - Designer childrens swimwear brand

Ghosted mannequin white background ecommerce photography

Hall's Taekwondo - Sporting equipment retailer

Ghosted mannequin and sporting goods white background ecommerce photography


MUK Haircare - Hair products

White background ecommerce photography

Ovae -  Luxury leather goods brand

Lifestyle ecommerce photography


Designer Kidz - Designer Baby and Childrens Wear Brand

Flatlay white background ecommerce photography

The Game - Leather wallet designer

Lifestyle product photography, white background ecommerce photography, marketing mentoring, website design.

Skye & Lach - Eyewear brand

White background ecommerce photography,  360 product videos

Two Kings Watches - Watch Brand

White background ecommerce photography

Mister Zimi - Ghosted mannequin clothing photography.


Lauren Marinis - White background shoe photography.


Aussie Mite - White background product photography.






Nicole is incredibly talented,

professional, fast & creative. She always goes above and beyond to make my product look the best it can. She also does fantastic flatlays. I recommend her to everyone.

Aisha Hilary - Hills & West


"You should be

dipped in gold &

dusted in diamonds"

Penolope Herbert

Marketing Maven


"Nicole has significantly helped our small, but growing business. She provides clear and thoughtful ecommerce support as well as excellent photography. Nicole is a trusted and valued partner for our business."

Jim & Lona Parry - The Game 


"Nicole is not only a talented photographer

but she is lovely, genuine and will always go above on beyond. Nicole is a perfectionist and I'm always blown away with the final product she sends through. Nicole has not only done photography work for me but she also designed my website which I am complemented on regularly by my industry peers. I can't thank Nicole enough for everything she has done for me and I would highly recommend her to anyone!!!"

Megan Thompson Marriage Celebrant