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Who Am I?

Hello... I'm Nicole Herrick. I'm based in Melbourne and have 20 years experience in the Graphic Design and Photography field. I also have a lot of experience in setting up small businesses. My first was at just 21 and i've had a few over the years. I have gone through the process of setting up from scratch many times. 


"The biggest thing that i find my clients really appreciate is my advice on all subjects small business, not just photography. I have extensive marketing experience and i know what works and what is a waste of money.  All my clients can call and ask small business questions at any time, i'm here to help you grow!"


I'm my own boss and i run my business from home so i don't have huge overheads like commercial building rental,  this allows me to keep my rates affordable.


My passion and focus is helping small businesses grow. Being a small business myself, i hate seeing people get ripped off by not knowing much going into something. There are too many people out there that take advantage of newbies so i decided to stay within this niche to provide great quality service at an affordable price. 

Melbourne product photographer
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